LAKSOLA was established in 1976 in collaboration with Swiss Insulating Works then known as ISOLA. What was strategic about LAKSOLA’s market entry was the high quality raw mica reserves available in the country.

Mica is a naturally occurring material and offers the optimum combination of electrical, thermal and mechanical properties with the ability to resist severe environmental conditions. The LAKSOLA process involves generating Mica pulp through chemical and mechanical means to produce Mica paper.

Our current range includes calcined and uncalcined mica papers on both muscovite and phlogopite mica with or without aramid fibrid - placing LAKSOLA in a class of its own, in the world of mica-based electrical insulation.

LAKSOLA is a key player in the SENAPATHY Group of Companies, which has met the growing needs of Indian and world markets over the last four decades in the area of industry grade electrical insulation. Today, LAKSOLA’s market reach covers USA, UK, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

“A highly committed & experienced team of professionals ensure Laksola’s operational effectiveness, with a Technology Cell constantly monitoring activities related to process improvements & product developments. The charismatic leadership & involvement of the owners sets the pace for Laksola’s growth”
Mr. A S Lakshmanan

Mr. A S Lakshmanan, who founded the Company in 1976, has over the years established an inspired leadership at LAKSOLA to run the organization along his cherished principles. He has been intimately associated with all aspects of the Company's growth and evolution over the years.

Mr. Lakshmanan has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK. Having passed out of Loughborough, Mr. Lakshmanan went on to work in companies in England, Germany, France and Sweden, before returning to India. He has over 40 years of developing, creating product standards in India and IEC. He is acknowledged to be a path-breaker spearheading new ventures. He firmly believes in the value of high-end technology for applications in the core sector and the importance of being globally competitive by consistent endeavour on upgrading skills and expertise.

Over the years, Mr. Lakshmanan has been associated with several Companies in an advisory role. The list includes organisations such as Infogix, Kirloskar, John Fowler, and the Nettur Technical Training Foundation [NTTF], among others. He has also been connected with a number of National and International Trade Associations, prominent among which are the National Safety Council (Karnataka Chapter), Bangalore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Institution of Engineers in India, The Development Council of India [Heavy Electrical Industry], Paper Directorate of the Advisory Council and the UK-based Electrical Research Association.

Mr. Prem Menon
Managing Director

Mr. Prem Kumar Menon hails from an illustrious business family. His father is the renowned Dr. K. T. B. Menon of Kuwait who had vast business interests & investments in Kuwait, UK, Japan & the USA.

Mr. Prem Kumar Menon is an Economics major from the California State University, Los Angeles, USA. He is also a well-read & extensively traveled person. Mr. Menon brings a broad & far-seeing vision to the organization.

He is also the Chairman and owner of East West Hotels Ltd., Bangalore, and is in partnership with the Taj group of Hotels. His investments are chiefly in the Industrial, Real estate, Hotels and the Entertainment sectors.

Mr. Prem Menon sports a wide range of interests. He is also erudite in the art of Film making from the University of California, Los Angeles. This artistic streak as well as his belief in diligence, discipline & commitment, has led to the production and distribution of many a movie for public release. Arguably, Mr. Menon claims to have seen more movies than anyone else in the world.

He is an avid sports enthusiast, his interests and achievements in golf, badminton, fencing and judo is distinguished.

Mrs. Indra Prem Menon

Ms. Indra Prem Menon has been a core member of LAKSOLA’s senior management since the mid-90’s. Her commitment to growth through product development and customer service, has seen LAKSOLA grow from a small player to industry leader. Her relentless drive for greater fulfillment through appropriate technology has seen LAKSOLA transform into a prominent presence in the international arena.

A Law graduate, Ms. Menon has been an active member of the Insulation Divisions of IEEMA & was the Chairperson of the organizing committee for the INSULEC seminar in 2009, held in Bangalore. An event graced by renowned people in the field of electrical insulation from both national and international companies. She has been active in other industry-oriented national institutions such as CII and is also a prominent member of groups involved with infrastructure and industrial development in the city of Bangalore.

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