Our Capabilities

LAKSOLA’s mission for business excellence is far reaching. Develop, manufacture and market high quality products at competitive prices - meeting national and international standards. All this against a backdrop of ongoing product and process improvements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Over the last four decades of its operations in the industry, LAKSOLA has made a paradigm shift, from a focus on import substitution and meeting internal needs, to meeting complex and specialized needs in global markets.

Relying on proven technology, high-calibre people and equipped with design and manufacturing facilities, LAKSOLA delivers a sustainable performance with its hi-reliability mica papers, tapes and sheets.

Highlights of LAKSOLA’s upgradation process

Laksola's upgradation process

From resin-rich tapes, to tailor-made resin-poor tapes for the domestic market. A further upgradation to the Zinc Naphthanate tapes to meet global application standards.

From domestic leadership with traditional traction motor tapes, in the Class 200 insulation range, to tapes for AC locomotives – giving the company an international presence.

From mica segment sheets for the domestic market, to meeting the needs of international buyers. A further diversification into a range of splitting-based tapes for specialized applications.


With technology acquired from "ISOLA", the international leader in the field of mica paper and mica-based insulation, LAKSOLA was one of the earliest in the field to produce indigenous alternatives to imports in the electrical insulation space. Since then, the organisation has strengthened its leadership position in the industry, within India and key markets overseas.

End application design is fast moving towards a compaction of design elements – calling for higher outputs within reduced sizes and thicknesses. The consequent functional impact here is squarely on the insulation system, with the bulk of it on the tapes used.

LAKSOLA’s efforts to innovate and upgrade takes this design challenge into account and will constantly measure up to industry needs - working towards an optimization of physical and functional parameters.