Prem Kumar Menon


Mr. Prem Kumar Menon hails from an illustrious business family. His father is the renowned Dr. K. T. B. Menon of Kuwait who had vast business interests and investments in Kuwait, UK, Japan and the USA. Mr. Prem Kumar Menon is an Economics major from the California State University, Los Angeles, USA. He is also a well-read and extensively traveled person. Mr. Menon brings a broad and far-seeing vision to the organization. He is also the Chairman and owner of East West Hotels Ltd., Bangalore, and is in partnership with theTaj group of Hotels. His investments are chiefly in the Industrial, Real estate, Hotels and the Entertainment sectors. Mr. Prem Menon sports a wide range of interests. He has also erudite in the art of Film making at the University of California Los Angeles. This artistic streak as well as his belief in diligence, discipline and commitment,has led to the production and distribution of many a movie for public release. Arguably, Mr. Menon claims to have seen more movies than anyone else in the world. He is an avid sports enthusiast, his interests and achievements in golf, badminton, fencing and judo is distinguished.

Indra Prem Menon


Indra Prem Menon has been a core member of Laksola’s senior management since the mid-90’s. Her commitment to growth through product development and customer service has seen Laksola grow from a regional player to industry leader. Her relentless drive for greater fulfillment through appropriate technology has seen Laksola transform into a prominent presence in the international arena. A law graduate, Indra Menon has been a chairperson of the Insulation Division of IEEMA since 2005 and was the chairperson of the organizing committee for the INSULEC seminar in 2009, held in Bangalore. An event graced by renowned professionals in the field of electrical insulation from both national and international companies. She has been active in other industry- oriented national institutions such as Cll and is also a prominent member of groups involved with infrastructure and industrial development in the city of Bangalore.

Raoul Prem Menon

Director - Marketing

Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Raoul Prem Menon has always been around the best electrical grade of Mica Scrap from his early days. A strong bond with his Grandfather Mr. AS Lakshmanan (Founder of LAKSOLA) has led to a consistent interest in the field of electrical insulation, from a very early age. Raoul Prem Menon moved to Los Angeles California to pursue his higher education, primarily in the realms of Economics and Electrical Engineering, completing his studies at Occidental College and CALTECH. Mr. Menon continued his life in Los Angeles by working with a very prestigious Advertising and PR Firm operating out of Beverly Hills, CA, in the glamorous world of Celebrity Marketing. However, Mr. Menon realised this was not as glamorous as the World of Mica Insulation, and returned to India to work alongside his grandfather Mr. AS Lakshmanan and his mother Mrs. Indra Prem Menon. Working very closely with the Mica Scrap and Mica Paper manufacturing Dept. at Laksola, has gained a thorough knowledge of Mica Insulation Tapes, making his goal to manufacture the most User-Friendly Mica Tapes, for smooth application on the Winding Shop Floor at various customers worldwide. While other major Mica Insulation Manufacturers worldwide manufacture Standard Mica Tapes with Standard Mica Specifications, Mr. Menon chose to avoid the Status-Quo, and come up with something more useful for Laksola’s customers. As Laksola manufactures ALL its Mica Paper In-House, this gives Laksola the flexibility to TAILOR-MAKE our Mica Tapes to best suit the Application Requirements of our Customers. Working very closely with various OEMs’ Winding Shop Floors of Mica Tape Users, Mr. Menon is TAILOR-MAKING a Bespoke series of Mica Tapes for the right application. High Voltage and E-Mobility is the Primary Target segments for Laksola’s future, and our High Quality Mica Paper supports this tremendously.